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About Us

Ask most trucking companies about their critical assets, and they’ll start talking about how many tractors and trailers they own. That’s not Hillcrest Transportation.
We don’t see ourselves as simply a trucking company, we are a solutions company, which means our greatest assets are people. For us, that means putting the customer relationship first, but to keep that relationship strong we have to have the best drivers with the best support team.
We have people who can think. They also have the determination and will to get the job done well and on-time.
But that doesn’t mean we skimp on equipment. Our fleet is constantly growing to meet the ever-changing demands of providing the very best freight solutions. All of our equipment is modern, clean and well-maintained.


Leadership Team

John Edmunds
Founder & CEO

Al Valdrighi
Terminal Manager

Terry Barfield
Safety Director

Our Story Is Your Story

Hillcrest’s first customer was one of its toughest. After not hearing back from a customer, our founder got a call asking him to fill in and get a load delivered by 6am the next day. He agreed but there were 2 small issues. He didn’t have a tractor or a trailer. Without hesitation, he started calling and found a tractor and trailer within a few hours and was on his way.
Doing what it takes is in our DNA. It’s not just about having trucks. It’s about service. Today we have grown to have a fleet of trucks covering the U.S. (the lower 48 states) and Canada, with people that have the same determination and will to get the job done, done right and done safely. When it counts, you can count on Hillcrest.


At Hillcrest, “safety” isn’t just about meeting requirements and regulations, it’s a commitment to our customers, our employees and our community. We are fully committed to both highway and environmental safety.

That’s why our fleet is maintained well above national standards and all our equipment meets or exceeds the ever-changing emissions laws. We are SmartWay Transport Partners, meaning we are able to demonstrate our efficiency efforts to reduce emissions and fuel use. This saves our customers money and the environment benefits as well.

As part of our commitment to safety, we fully comply with the ELD mandate, carry $5 million in liability insurance and are EPA certified for hazardous waste substances.

All our prospective employees undergo full background checks and drug tests. Once hired, we randomly drug test our drivers to ensure the safety of your freight and the general public.

Training is an important part of our commitment to safety. Almost every driver is Hazmat certified. Also, Hillcrest employees receive Hazmat and material safety training on an on-going basis.

What may seem like a small thing can reap big benefits. We have paid mandatory sleep time for our drivers. Less than 1% of trucking companies do this. The result is well rested drivers with better attitudes than competitor drivers who aren’t paid for their mandatory sleep time.