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Transportation Services

The stakes are high. You’re responsible for the secure control and on-time daily delivery of freight anywhere your business takes you. You need answers that work.
In our effort to provide total freight solutions to our clients, Hillcrest has grown from one truck in 2001 to now having several divisions to meet the needs of our clients’ businesses. From logistics to dry van to tankers and waste disposal, from leasing to mobile repair, we do what it takes to get your freight delivered safely and on-time.


Matching customer needs with the right equipment from our network of qualified carriers, we have flexible solutions to answer your transportation challenges. We customize our approach based on your business, harnessing proven processes and smart technology to yield operational efficiency. Although every business is different, our drive to create tremendous value remains constant.


Dry Van
With late model tractors and air-ride trailers combined with one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs in the business; you get clean, professional equipment with less downtime.
Our 2-to-1 trailer to tractor ratio allows customers to save time and money by loading in advance with spotted trailers.
With well-trained and safe drivers who know the lay of the land, you can expect superior customer experiences.
When you put it all together, you get freight being delivered where, when and how it needs to be, day after day.

Liquid Tankers
Whether its specialty chemicals, liquid commodities, food-grade, dry bulk and more — we’re ready for you. With a culture of safety combined with the latest safety technology Hillcrest can help you mitigate risk while your business takes care of business.

Waste Transportation
Hazardous or not, waste disposal is not always an easy issue to handle. At Hillcrest we take on the headaches of waste transportation for you. We have the equipment, the certifications and veteran drivers that can handle almost any type of waste you need to dispose of.

Intermodal and ISO “tilt” Chassis
Do to our proximity to The Port of Virginia, we have driver’s with their haz-mat endorsements, TWIC cards plus The Port of Virginia Pro-Pass RFID tags.  We have our own fleet of chassis that  can move 40 foot containers , 20 foot containers or ISO containers out of the ports daily.  We also have 43’ drop deck chassis with lift kits made by CIMC for either 20 foot dry containers or 20 foot liquid ISO containers.


Capacity when, where and how you need it.

Dedicated Fleet Services gives you the ideal blend of service, cost and capacity. We’re both willing and financially able to invest in the equipment your business requires to optimize your freight and create real value for your business. We bring a team with an outstanding safety record that protects your brand’s reputation while we manage the risks.
Our approach is to treat your business like our own. By assuming fleet management responsibilities, we provide seamless transition, keeping your freight running safely, securely and right on time — allowing you to focus on your core business.

Hillcrest Dedicated Service provides:

  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Peace of mind for safe and on-time service


Sometimes leasing is the best approach to solving your freight transportation needs. Hillcrest offers multiple options:

  • Daily Rental
  • Weekly Rental
  • Monthly Rental
  • Annual Lease


  • Tandem Axle
  • Day Cabs
  • Sleeper Cabs

Van Trailers

  • 53 Ft. Air Ride Box Vans
  • 48 to 53 Ft. Storage Vans


  • 7,000 Gallon Stainless Steel
  • Air Ride Trailer
  • Ground Level Vapor Recovery

Acid Trailers

  • Rubber Lined


Maintenance and repairs are a constant in the trucking industry. As you know, keeping a fleet rolling can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, Hillcrest has a solution. With our Mobile Repair Trucks, the industry’s top mechanics come to you, doing all maintenance on-site at your location, on your schedule. What’s more, we can keep your trucks running smoothly by preventing major issues that often lead to more costly repairs down the line.

All of our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art tools which enable our expert technicians to perform preventative maintenance inspections and follow up repairs at our customers’ locations after the routes are completed or when a truck has issues in route, we can come to you on the road.

We ensure quality service for you by providing our technicians with complete training on preventative maintenance, proper repair procedures, communicating with customers, and delivering meaningful reports.

Advantages of Mobile Maintenance and Repair

  • Repairs are handled on site or on the road without taking the truck out of service
  • We keep you current on preventative maintenance
  • We find issues before they become costly repairs

We become your partner in keeping your trucks safe, legal, dependable…and profitable.